About Us

Evans Commercial Laundry Equipment specializes in setting up on-premise and coin-operated laundry systems for hotels, college campuses, nursing homes, correctional facilities, hospitals, health clubs, beauty salons and more. We offer the complete Speed Queen line of commercial washers and dryers. Our dedicated service department works for you after the sale.

The key to our success has been hands-on, family ownership and operation since 1969. Evans Inc. is our life’s work, not merely a job or a part-time sideline. The Evans family is personally involved in the day-to-day management, assuring quality sales and service to old and new customers alike. We understand the needs of your business and we do everything to make your commercial laundry operation a success. There is a wide choice of washers and dryers to satisfy every laundry need.

The proven reliability of washers and dryers from Speed Queen is one of the best reasons to talk to us about all your laundry needs, whether you are starting a brand new operation or want to upgrade an existing one. In either case, we offer all the skills and knowledge to do the job right for you.

Two of our most popular models are the water saving top-load washer and front-load washer from Speed Queen with non-chipping stainless steel tubs. Other models range from push-to-start cycles to computer settings for a variety applications.

Equipment Design, Installation and Maintenance

We offer professional consultation to architects, contractors and owners to insure our equipment meets your design specifications. After installation of your washers and dryers our experienced service and support staff will provide support and maintenance to keep your equipment in top condition. We also furnish bill changers, water softeners, hot water heaters, coin counters, laundry carts, vending machines and furniture.

We’ve designed and equipped hundreds of laundromats and coin-operated laundry facilities in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. Call us to see how the reliability and efficiency of Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment can help your business excel.