For commercial laundry equipment designed for use in fire departments, health care facilities, hotels, correctional facilities, spas, salons, athletics organizations or another industry application, you can rely on the proven performance of B&C, LG and Econowash to make your life simpler and more productive.

Hotels and Hospitality

Data from B&C Technologies suggests some hotels and resorts oversize their machines. The Evans Laundry team has observed the oversizing trend, too. Hospitality facilities clean a variety of items, so several smaller washer-extractors may make more sense than a few large units. Washer-extractors and drying tumblers should offer a facility a high degree of flexibility to accommodate their assortment. Tailored laundry cycles can extend linen life—and ensure you’ll have the linens, uniforms, and other items you need when you need them. High thread count linens, as well as decorative elements included in modern beds, further amplify the need for cycle programmability. B&C HE series washers will handle all your laundry needs.

Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Laundries in hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes and other medical facilities experience heavy laundry volumes. Their cleaning processes must maximize efficiency. It’s also important for hospitals and long-term care facilities to assess their patient population’s incontinence levels, as this will have a significant impact on their laundry operations. In addition to clean results, healthcare facilities must meet stringent infection control standards. B&C Technologies equipment provide superb consistency in cycles, including optimal water temperatures to compliment the detergents, disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals. With B&C and LG Titan Pro we have your healthcare needs handled.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities usually measure their laundry in tons. The equation for success is simple: Clean the most laundry in the shortest amount of time. Generally, prisons and jails demand the largest capacity machines. Simple, user-friendly controls keep loads of linens and clothing moving. Durability is a must, and the equipment must keep operating costs low by minimizing water and energy consumption. With B&C we have you covered from the HE series (35-110 lb. capacity) hard-mount machines up to the SB (60-485lb. Capacity) barrier soft-mount machines.

Spas and Salons

For spas and salons, towels account for the vast majority of laundry. Large salons often benefit from commercial manual control washers and dryers to continuously process smaller loads throughout a workday. If space is at a premium, stack units may be your solution. Soft, fluffy spa towels and robes are important elements in any luxurious spa experience. Programmable washer-extractors help managers maintain high quality standards. B&C as well the LG TITAN PRO machines reach high extract speeds to remove more water from larger loads, which cuts drying time.

Gyms, Athletic Clubs and Sports Teams

Athletic facilities need laundry equipment that emphasizes speed and efficiency so they can get towels and other items from dirty to ready. These businesses demand higher spin speeds to remove more water and reduce drying times and consume less electricity or natural gas. Schools or professional sporting organizations that may be washing team uniforms and other gear often need more control of the wash process. Moisture-wicking fibers in some uniforms require special handling, with B&C’s Advanced Microcomputer controls we can provide the wash flexibility and special handling to suit your needs.

Fire Departments

If you’re setting up laundry equipment for a fire department, meeting or exceeding NFPA 1851 standard

NFPA 1851 standard for maintaining turnout gear is your main priority. These standards ensure firefighting equipment is properly laundered while not damaging the technical fibers that make up the shell or moisture barriers. B&C Technologies programmable wash cycles help departments keep control of the wash process while maintaining a high degree of flexibility to launder truck towels, station wear and other items. Programmable controls enable operators to use lower-speed wash and extract cycles for turnout gear, while having the option of higher speeds to trim drying times for other items, also including the drying cabinet for turnout gear, we also feature the LG and Econowash machines for the lighter duty of personal linens.

Evans laundry equipment partnered with B&C Technologies, LG and Econowash will provide a secure investment for your on-premises laundry facility.

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