Speed Queen

Speed Queen Quality and Reliability

Evans Commercial Laundry Equipment teams with Speed Queen because it is made in America and refined for more than a century. Speed Queen is renowned for the consistently powerful performance of its machines. Legions of loyal customers share that passion, spreading the word about the Speed Queen brand worldwide.

In the Intermountain West we represent the world’s largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Laundry managers rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Speed Queen’s commercial-grade construction is rugged, dependable and built to last.

When you purchase a Speed Queen machine, you’re investing in a global network that offers comprehensive service and support. Your Evans Laundry representatives are true laundry experts, and we can help guide you through every aspect of your on-premises laundry, from initial setup to laundry design to service and maintenance. We’re here for you, no matter what you need.

It all adds up to one thing: we offer everything you need to take total control of your laundry—with the most profitable machines in the industry. You can rely on the impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising commitment to quality that you’ve come to expect from Speed Queen. We are guided by an independent spirit and are passionate about the performance of your machines.

Every day, every cycle, Speed Queen performs.

Speed and Ease of Repair

The service technicians on the Evans Laundry team average more than 14 years of laundry equipment maintenance and repair experience. We fix your equipment fast, and we fix it right. Our Salt Lake City warehouse houses a complete line of genuine Speed Queen parts. We’re ready to deliver or ship the parts you need today.

Speed Queen Will Be Around

With a history that spans more than a century and a brand known for rugged reliability, Speed Queen is poised to serve your commercial laundry needs for years to come. Quality has earned Speed Queen the badge as the world’s largest commercial laundry company.